Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Channel Tuneup: What's Your Process For Effectively Recruiting New Partners?

Do you have an organized process for recruiting new channel partners? Have you defined the specific attributes a partner must have to be successful with your offering? Can you clearly state a compelling value proposition to prospective partners that moves them to sign up with you? What processes do you have for training new partners and creating joint business plans to effectively sell and market your offering? Do you periodically review plans with your partners? What do you do when objectives are not met? What rewards do you provide partners for achieving goals?

If you don't have a process for recruiting, launching and managing partnerships once an agreement is signed this might be a good time for a Channel Tuneup. The flow chart shows a sample process for recruiting and managing a partner. How about your own experience working with channel partners? What works for you when signing up new partners? What processes do you use for effectively recruiting and managing partners?

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